Business Travel Insurance

Beware – many basic travel insurance policies, whether single trip or annual/multi-trip, exclude or restrict travel insurance for business purposes, or exclude/limit cover for business-related possessions or equipment such as laptops/tablets, samples, business documents, tools etc. so whether you are an employer or employee, it is worth checking whether you really are covered for what you need or want. We would be pleased to discuss your travel plans and cover requirements, so please complete our general enquiry form or telephone/email us and we will do our best to ensure you have the right cover when you travel on business. For example, we can arrange annual business travel and personal accident insurance for business owners/Directors and employees if required, with a bonus of private/personal travel cover for proprietors/Directors’ and their spouses/partners and dependent children if required - all at highly competitive rates with extensive high quality cover and often zero excess.

Specialist business travel insurance