Carver One insurance provider

Carver One

At MSM Insurance we avoid the ordinary run-of-the-mill and instead concentrate on insurance for specialist cars and special motorcycle risks, so it seems only natural that we should welcome enquiries for insurance on a cross between a car and a motorcycle – the amazing Carver One!! We are very pleased to be working with the Carver Owners Club – CVR-OC ( ) and Club Carver Parts & Service – CCPS ( ) to help ensure the future of as many Carver Ones as possible, providing Comprehensive motor insurance with discounts for the club members, discounts for limited mileage, and approval for club engineered and developed upgrades and enhancements – modifications that would often invalidate a normal motor insurance policy.

To obtain a quotation please click on the button below and complete the enquiry form that then appears. This will be assessed by our underwriters and a bespoke quotation usually provided to you within a few days, more quickly if we can – we do not provide instant quotes as each case is individually referred.