Flood insurance for businesses and commercial property

New rapid pay-out flood insurance - custom-built to keep you in control.

Whether you can’t get cover, have a large excess, a large premium or just want to top-up your existing policy there are plenty of reasons to choose FloodFlash for your business or commercial property. Research shows that 40% of small businesses fail to re-open following flood damage, most often because they couldn’t get or couldn’t afford flood insurance or had to wait too long for compensation and then didn’t receive enough.

FloodFlash is different! Rapid claim settlement – usually within 7 days and YOU set the £ level of compensation in advance. No need for receipts or valuations for lost or damaged items, no waiting for assessors or loss adjusters, no arguments over what was or was not lost, its value or cost of replacement, just a simple YES or NO – did flooding occur to a depth YOU specified (the trigger level) – if YES then you get paid, usually within 7 days, and you can use the money for any purpose – you can use it to re-establish the business or simply to buy the holiday you have always dreamed of.

FloodFlash is a simplified rapid pay-out flood insurance for almost any business or commercial property. Example risks already insured include residential and commercial let property, shops, offices, warehouses, factories, caravan parks, rugby clubs and even golf courses!

Quotes are available for almost any location, even if flooded before or near a water source.

A separate FloodFlash policy can enable you to insure your business excluding flood on the main business policy, increasing choice of insurer and helping reduce cost of cover.

You set the amount of cover – minimum £10,000 / maximum £4 Million – you set the trigger level (you can have up to 5 different trigger levels, each with its’ own guaranteed £ cover) – and if flooding occurs to the specified trigger depth you already know how you are going to receive, usually within 7 days, and can get on with planning your business recovery – or holiday!

For further information please contact Dave Spragg at MSM Insurance Tel: 01279-870535 or click on the button below to complete an initial basic enquiry form with a view to arranging quotation – it costs less than you think! Lowest premium so far just £62 – price of course depends on £ cover level selected, water depth trigger level and assessed risk of flooding. Note that flood defences and flood prevention/resilience measures you install are usually accepted and will help reduce cost of cover.

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