Shouldn’t you ASPIRE to maintain your standard of living?


Airline Self-employed Personnel Income Replacement Enterprise

The income protection scheme designed by MSM Insurance specifically for airline personnel (both Flight Crew and Cabin Crew) who work and fly on zero-hours contracts. 

If you are flying for a living but are on a zero-hours contract you can expect to suffer an immediate loss of income if you suffer an accident or illness that prevents you flying.

Most insurance policies normally exclude “airside risk” and so would not cover you, and you cannot rely upon normal travel insurance as it is designed for holidaymakers. You don’t need cover for flight delays/cancellations/lost baggage, but you do need cover for medical expenses, air ambulance and repatriation. You don’t need compensation for a cancelled holiday, but you do need a guaranteed income to ensure you can continue to meet your normal living and accommodation costs.

We have worked closely with specialist underwriters to develop an insurance scheme designed to meet your specific needs, accepting the airside risk, and paying you if you are unable to continue your normal (flying) occupation for more than 7 days – we are not going to ask you to work on check-in instead!

£1 Million Medical Expenses & Repatriation* cover included in all policies

(*Repatriation to your (temporary) European home if you are currently stationed in Europe, or repatriation to UK)

You select the number of units of income cover:

• Low annual premiums – from just £180 p.a. 
• Big benefits – paying up to £54,600 annual.

Example: £600 per annum premium pays £600 PER WEEK income to you for up to a year!

(Note: Statutory maximum benefit is 70% of your normal income)

Zero hours doesn’t have to mean zero income -

Let MSM Insurance put some Z.I.P. in your life!

Zero-hours Income Protection

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