Motocross practice tracks insurance

Whether it’s a large venue with several tracks and all the amenities or a small area of land for a few riders to practice their skills there is a risk to the landowner of being held liable for accidents and injuries that occur.

Disclaimers are of limited value, are ultimately ineffective and are not an alternative to proper public liability insurance. Even with participants confirming their awareness of the risks they expose themselves to whilst participating in motorsport, in these increasing litigious times you, as organiser, need to protect yourself from the potential claims and allegations that may arise as a result of an incident on your track.

If you run an existing practice track or are looking at starting a new venture in England, Scotland or Wales* and can demonstrate a responsible attitude towards track management through marshals, safety briefings and risk assessments we can probably provide a quotation for your track.

Please complete the call back form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

*unfortunately we cannot provide cover in Ireland at this time.