Social Domestic & Pleasure Use Only

There are many reasons you may want to own a small commercial vehicle for your own personal use, perhaps you regularly take part in trials/off road events or other sports that require large equipment, surfing for example, and a family car just isn't suitable. We can provide cover for small commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes for social domestic and pleasure use. This also includes vans that have been modified to also be used as a camper.

For a quote on a single van please click on the quote button below and complete our enquiry form.

If your van is one of a collection of vehicles and you have more vehicles than drivers in your family don’t forget that we offer competitive terms on our multi-car scheme, under which most vehicle types can be accepted – minimum driver age 25 in most cases. Please complete our multi-car enquiry form or email us a list of vehicles and drivers and your contact details and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements. 

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