Smart Cars

MSM Insurance were the first insurance brokers to offer a dedicated motor insurance scheme for Smart cars when they first started to be imported to the UK, usually left hand drive, our scheme particularly catering for the club members and Smart enthusiasts, recognising the care and attention owners lavished on their Smart cars, and accepting most, if not all, modifications, whether wider wheel & tyres, lowered suspension, body kits, interior refits, or engine upgrades such as re-maps, air scoops, etc., our priority being to ensure that owners had the benefit of cover that fully recognised and accepted the often long list of modifications, whereas most insurers either accepted none or only one or two, beyond which cover became invalid.

Whilst the more recent versions of Smart ForTwo have become more mainstream and perhaps less likely to be modified we still accept most modifications and offer discounts for limited mileage and owner’s club membership, etc.

If your Smart is one of a collection of vehicles and you have more vehicles than drivers in your family don’t forget that we offer competitive terms on our multi-car scheme, under which most vehicle types can be accepted – minimum driver age 25 in most cases. Please complete our multi-car enquiry form or email us a list of vehicles and drivers and your contact details and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Smart Car Specialist Insurance