Classic Car

For genuine classic or collectable vehicles (cars, commercial or ex-military vehicles.

Drivers age 23 - 69 and holding a full UK driving licence, enthusiasts and club members preferred, especially those exhibiting their cars at classic car shows.

Discount for limited mileage.

Modifications considered (full details to be provided to us and accepted by the underwriters)

Agreed value available

Flat-rated i.e. no transferable NCD required

European cover available

If your classic car is one of a collection of vehicles and you have more vehicles than drivers don’t forget that we offer competitive terms on our multi-car scheme, under which most vehicle types can be accepted – minimum driver age 25 in most cases. Please complete our multi-car enquiry form or email us a list of vehicles and drivers and your contact details and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.  

Classic car insurance specialists